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I'm David Perez

A Website Designer and Developer based in NYC. Focused on creating, updating, and maintaining beautiful and dynamic websites.

My Career so far

When it comes to Website Development and Design, I've been exploring both ends of the spectrum. After obtaining my Associate's degree in Computer Information System: Computer Programming, I've been focused on creating beautiful and dynamic websites. As a Developer, I've focused on Front-End Development, learning coding and SEO to do so. As a Designer, I've focused on creating gorgeous designs and prototypes that focus on user experience.

Web Dev
Web Design
Webflow Dev
UX Design


After obtaining my Associate's degree in Computer Information Systems: Computer Programming, I headed straight to the workforce. Completing an internship for college credit, I then obtained another which was later promoted to a part-time at WPSM. I continue to work with WPSM and now do Freelance website development.


My spectrum of knowledge

JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, jQuery, DOM Manipulation, Object Oriented Programming, API, XMLHttpRequest, Promises, Callbacks, Fetch API, HTML, CSS, BootStrap, Webflow, Figma, WordPress, Wix, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator and more.

Weather app ProjectThe Grand Feast Project

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