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The art of
Story Telling...

With the ever-growing online world, it's important now, more than ever to have your very own website. A website that stands out, with The Art of Story Telling. That is, one that immerses clients into the world of your goals & visions.

Websites will:

Increase your
Multiply your chances of obtaining leads
Save you time & customer service

That's where
I come in

Hi, I'm David 👋

I’m a professional Website Developer with an Associate’s degree in Computer Information Systems; Computer Programming.

I have worked with several people and companies as a web dev. Using tools such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, Wix, and my personal favorite... Webflow.

Let my age provide you not with years of experience, but with a modern and versitile design design style!

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The Process

1. Call

In this phase, I explore your thoughts and vision. I learn about you & your audience. I understand the story you wish to tell...

2. Design

Once I get to know your objective, I begin crafting ideas/designs to see which best suits you and your audience. All while accurately representing you and your business.

3. Craft

When you're happy with the design, I begin to create your artistic vision. I will bring to life your website with modern standards such as speed, reliability and security.

4. Launch

After many in-depth revisions, your site will be ready to make a mark on the internet. Launch day has come!


This very website was made entirely by me. Let that be a great example
of some of my work! Check out some of my projects below.

Want to see more of my projects?

Coming Soon!


Don't just take it from me. Read what others are saying about me & my work!

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